Cold Case Investigative Research Institute

Cold Case Investigative Research Institute (CCIRI) has students working side-by-side with criminal justice professionals to advance research, training, and techniques in solving unsolved murders, kidnappings, and missing persons cases.

Our team developed a marketing plan and educational campaign to increase CCIRI’s visibility. This work helped establish CCIRI as a major leader in cold case investigations.

Atlanta Women’s Foundation

Atlanta Women’s Foundation (AWF) aims to be the catalyst for change in the lives of girls and women by building awareness and supporting programs aimed at rejuvenating low-income girls and women.

Our team developed a marketing plan to help facilitate a virtual customized training intended for women (and men) who serve on professional advisory boards. This effort helped AWF continue to generate revenue during a period of COVID-19 business restrictions

Atlanta Volunteer Lawyer Foundation

Atlanta Volunteer Lawyer Foundation (AVLF) seeks to create safety and stability for homes and families by inspiring the fight for equal justice.

Our team created marketing material for volunteer recruitment to help AVLF to spread the word about evictions in Georgia. As a result, more tenants will know where to receive help, while attorneys, law enforcement, and other professionals will also know how to help and where to volunteer.

Buckhead Christian Ministry

Buckhead Christian Ministry (BCM) provides life-changing services for individuals and families experiencing various stages of hunger or homelessness in Atlanta.

Our team developed a full marketing strategy, including collateral, social media strategy, ads, and logos. They also created user-friendly templates to be used in future social media and marketing plans.