Meet The Team

Ananya Ghose – President

Hi! I’m Ananya, a 4th year student studying Industrial Engineering and Global Development interested in utilizing emerging tech to power nonprofit + public sector growth. I’ve been involved in Epic Intentions since freshman year, and have really enjoyed the projects I’ve gotten to work on! I love interacting with passionate nonprofit leaders and being a part of a student team that’s united in its goal of making a positive impact in Atlanta, and I’m looking forward to seeing Epic continue to grow this year. Outside of Epic, catch me drinking copious amounts of coffee, gazing through the floor 7 Crosland tower windows, and online shopping for shoes I’ll never buy ✌🏼

Aditi Choudhury – Director of External Affairs

Hey, I’m Aditi Choudhury, and I am fourth year studying biochemisry. I joined Epic Intentions my semester at Tech, and I have loved every minute! Helping the Atlanta community, learning new skills, and working with such talented people has been a wonderful experience, and I’m so excited to be a part of the exec team.

Maya Menon – Director of External Affairs

Hey! I’m Maya, a 3rd year Industrial and Systems Engineering major concentrating in supply chain. I joined Epic Intentions as soon as my freshman year, and I’ve never looked back! I love the opportunity to help my community in such a unique way and the chance to develop new technical skills every semester. Outside of Epic Intentions, I am heavily involved in Women in Engineering, GTSF committees and the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers.

Aaron Brown – Director of Strategy

Hi, I’m Aaron Brown, a 4th Year Industrial Engineering major. I joined Epic Intentions in in my freshman year because I believe that through using skills and knowledge gained at GT to help others, ‘Progress through Service’ is the perfect embodiment of the GT Pillars of Progress and Service. Outside of Epic Intentions, I am in the GT Honors Program and founded and manage an e-commerce retro toy business in my free time.

Rohit Ramachandran – Director of Strategy

Hey! I’m Rohit, a 3rd year Industrial Engineering major. Since joining Epic Intentions as a freshman, I knew that this organization will have a special place in my heart. Being a project lead for multiple projects has enabled me to apply my technical and interpersonal skills to continue giving back to the GT and Atlanta communities. Outside of Epic, I’m an avid fan of European football and late-night comedy. Catch me watching Champions League football in the Student Center 🙂

Abhishek Mattialli- Director of Internal Affairs

Hey there! I’m Abhishek, and I’m a third year Industrial Engineering major concentrating in Economic and Financial Systems. I’ve been part of Epic Intentions since my freshman fall, and gotten the chance to work with three nonprofits through this. It’s been really rewarding to make an impact in the local community and learn new skills while doing it! Outside of Epic Intentions, I am very involved in Investments Committee and love to play basketball.

Sabrina Wilson – Director of Communications

I’m Sabrina Wilson, a 4th year studying Computational Media and Industrial Design. I have worked on Epic projects since my freshman year and enjoyed collaborating with students and non-profit leaders who have different backgrounds and skills. Now, I am the Director of Communications, focusing on awareness, social media presence, and recruitment. Outside of Epic Intentions, I work on social media and video production for the GT Language Institute. I am also the Editor-in-Chief of Erato.