Meet The Team

Cameron Bell – Co-Director of Projects

Hi! My name is Cameron Bell and I am a fourth-year student studying business and minoring in engineering. I joined Epic Intentions my third year and had the fulfilling experience of leading two projects with the organization. It’s been fantastic to help make an impact on the Atlanta community and grow both personally and professionally! Outside of Epic Intentions, I’m passionate about reading new books, SNL, and trying new foods.

Abhishek Mattipalli – Co-Director of Projects

Hey there! I’m Abhishek, and I’m a fourth year Industrial Engineering major concentrating in Economic and Financial Systems. I’ve been part of Epic Intentions since my first semester at Tech, and gotten the chance to work with three nonprofits through this. It’s been really rewarding to make an impact in the local community and learn new skills while doing it! Outside of Epic Intentions, I am very involved in Investments Committee and love to play basketball.

Rohit Ramachandran – Co-Director of People

Hey! I’m Rohit, a 4th year Industrial Engineering major. Since joining Epic Intentions as a freshman, I knew that this organization will have a special place in my heart. Being a project lead for multiple projects has enabled me to apply my technical and interpersonal skills to continue giving back to the GT and Atlanta communities. Outside of Epic, I’m an avid fan of European football and late-night comedy. Catch me watching Champions League football in the Student Center 🙂

Brooke Stepanek – Co-Director of People

Hi there! I’m Brooke, and I’m a fifth year Business major concentrating in Information Technology Management. This is only my second year being involved in Epic Intentions, but since joining I have loved meeting new people and getting to do work that really makes an impact in the non-profit world. Outside of Epic, I enjoy crafting, stand-up comedy, and exploring new restaurants around Atlanta!

Christian Wilson – Co-Director of Growth

I’m Christian Wilson, a 3rd year Industrial Engineering major with a concentration in economic and financial systems. I joined Epic Intentions my first semester at Tech and I’ve enjoyed learning new skills while working with nonprofit organizations. Outside of Epic, I am interested in investing and sports.

Maya Menon- Co-Director of Growth

Hey! I’m Maya, a 4th year Industrial and Systems Engineering major concentrating in supply chain. I joined Epic Intentions as soon as my freshman year, and I’ve never looked back! I love the opportunity to help my community in such a unique way and the chance to develop new technical skills every semester. Outside of Epic Intentions, I am heavily involved in Women in Engineering, GTSF committees and the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers.

Aaron Brown – Advisor

Hi, I’m Aaron Brown, ISyE ’21. I’ve been working with Epic for five years, since my freshman year at GT, because I believe that through using skills and knowledge gained at GT we, as diverse students, can help others. I’m now a consultant with Manhattan Associates.