Improving the Quality of Life

In Epic intentions, we aim to improve the Quality of Life for those in the Atlanta area through our 10 Tenets:


Quality education and accessibility to educational resources is unfortunately not a guarantee for children in our city. We assist in learning initiatives and improving the accessibility of modern teaching methods for both children and parents. We not only want to assist in improving education for children, but also we want to improve education programs and the quality of education for adults.

Financial Stability


Job Opportunities

With unemployment in the greater Atlanta community at 3.9%, just above the national average, we hope to help nonprofits assist those without sustainable income for their households. We are always excited to help nonprofits offering equal employment opportunities to members of the low income Atlanta community.




Sex Trafficking and Domestic Violence

Mental Health

Children and Elderly

According to the US Census Bureau, 29.5% of the Atlanta population’s age is under 18 or over 65; this large percentage of our community requires sound housing, food, and education. We are committed to helping minors and seniors obtain and utilize these resources.


In the age of increasing travel and usage of energy, we look for anyway we can minimize our teams’ carbon footprints and assist other organizations in doing so as well. Beyond minimization of energy usage, we incorporate the principles of Environmental Engineering to modernize outdated processes within NGOs.